Elizabeth Flaherty

Elizabeth  Flaherty owns and operates Hunter Valley Public Relations.
With more than 15  years experience in public relations and journalism, Elizabeth is a rare  professional who has not only worked as a journalist in radio and newspaper,  but in production roles for television news and current affairs.

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Catharina Boer
Senior consultant

Catharina Boer is an experienced public  relations professional who justly earned the title of media and crisis  management specialist during her years in Public Health and the Department of  Immigration.

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Marguerite McKinnon
Journalist / Senior Consultant, Hunter Valley Public Relations

Marguerite McKinnon has more than 18 years experience as a journalist with some of Australia’s leading media outlets including television, radio and print. In recent years she has worked internationally and across Australia as a specialist senior reporter

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Sheryl Taylor
Associate – media specialist

While Elizabeth Flaherty and Catharina Boer were PR managers of major public hospitals, Sheryl Taylor was the Channel 9 health reporter.   Elizabeth and Catharina developed enormous respect for Sheryl Taylor’s expertise. All HVPR clients have access to that invaluable expertise.

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